California - Californios
April 24-26, 2009
Tehema County Fairgrounds Red Red Bluffs, CA
Favorite breakfast place
Archival picture at the Cowgirl Cafe
Gwen and Dale at the Cowgirl Cafe
Gwynn Turnbull-Weaver
Gwynn Turnbull-Weaver briefing film crew on Californios
Gwynn Turnbull-Weaver
Taping Gwynn Turnbull-Weaver interview
Gwynn Turnbull-Weaver interview
Gwynn Turnbull-Weaver talks about Buck
Neda Armian on location
Neda Armian and Mary Tobler
Interview with Mary Brannaman at The Californios
Mary feeding her dogs
Dyanna Taylor and Lisa Hepner interviewing Reata
JoAnne Jackson - owner of McGuiness Meadow with her topshelf
Jose Araujo, Sound Engineer
Mary and Reata Brannaman
Vendors at Californios
Reata Brannaman and Shayne Jackson, owner of McGuinness Meadows Ranch
Cedar Creek Productions