Sheridan, Montana
Emily Knight photos |- Betty Staley Clinic August 8-11, 2009
Executive Producer and Director
Rob Curtain, Assistant Camera
Charles Debold - camera
Julie Goldman, Producer, Andy Day, Audio, and Buck Brannaman
Gwen Maynard and Charles Debold
Mary Brannaman
Ty Heth greeting Buck Brannaman
Joe Hackett, Sound
Lance's little cowboy
Betty Staley
Buck Brannaman
Lance Froelich
Bill Seaton working with Paige's colt
Bill & Chief
Kristy Saier
Becky DiLallo, Field Coordinator
Gwen Maynard Colt starting
Colt starting
Colt starting Julie Goldman, Producer, Cindy Meehl, Executive Producer, Chris Clements filming colts, Joe Hackett, Audio
Craig Staley Bill Seaton A quiet moment
Lance Froelich
A producer's work is never done
Cindy Meehl watching the colts
Watching the clinic
Britt Long Reata and Buck Brannaman
Cedar Creek Productions