California - Californios
April 24-26, 2009
Tehema County Fairgrounds
Red Red Bluffs, CA
Entrance to Californios
Reata warming up her pet
Mary in the stands
Buck warming up
Buck and team
Guy Mossman and Lisa Hepner
Buck in the holding pen
Roping action
Opening National Anthem Ceremony at Californios 2009
Californios 2009
Cedar Creek
Mary being presented with a housewarming gift
Opening ceremony
Buck and Arc
Buck and Kip
Buck and Arc
Roping in the herd
Got it!
Guy Mossman in the stands
Cow doctoring
Californios 2009
Californios 2009
Buck and Jeff Hanson
Buck at Californios
Cowboys at Californios
Gwen Maynard and Tina Cornish
Dyanna Taylor and assistant, Paul Marbury
Buck making a stink face
Tina Cornish and Dan Gunter
Sea of hats at Californios
Kip Fladland
Dyanna Taylor
Dyanna Taylor
Cedar Creek Productions