Chico, California
April 17 -20, 2009
Tina Cornish, Sponsor
Saddle Creek Ranch owned by
Norm & Debbie Witt
Buck and friend
Buck chatting with film crew
Buck taking stock of the day
Buck lowering his horse's head to eat
Buck Brannaman outside his trailer
Minnie horse at Saddle Creek Ranch
Sibling rivalry
Teaching horses to lead over water and obstacles
Teaching how to lower a horse's head with softness
Anonymous dog at Chico Clinic
Spectators at the Chico Clinic
Guy Mossman and Lisa Hepner on location
Riding colts with halters
First ride with Buck flagging the colts
Buck giving advice
Buck flagging colts
Michaela Evans and Simone
Kristie Fredrikson
Guy Mossman
Buck at Chico Clinic
Kristie Fredrikson and friend
Flagging the colt
Maggie Hammon watching Buck
Tina Cornish and Buck
Buck giving Tina a hard time
Bonnie Stoehn
Ali Cornish
Guy in ring filming Buck
Buck flagging from the ground in Foundations Horsemenship
Talking about a horse's balance
Foundation classes
Arc getting a bath
Noah Cornish on his birthday present
A producer's work is never done - Cindy washing Arc
Buck Brannaman
Guy Mossman in the Chico heat
Cedar Creek Productions