February 8-12, 2009
Houlihan Ranch
Cindy pouring through photo albums for archival shots
Sandy Gray looking through photo albums for archival shots
Gate at Houlihan Ranch based on design of Tom Dorrance
Grizzley at King's Saddle Shop and Museum
Tommy Wayman with Kate Andrews - interview at King's Saddle Museum
Tommy Wayman, Famous ten goal polo player
King's Saddlery Museum
Two headed calf at King's Saddlery Museum
Three horned cow - "unicorn" at King's Museum
Mint Bar Bobcat
Sheriden Hair Salon
Gwen at the Mint Bar at the end of a long day
Gwen Maynard at Mint Bar
Mint Bar
Gwen Maynard and Sandy Gray
Mint Bar Regulars
Photo wall at Mint Bar
Rodeo Photo Wall at Mint Bar
Sheriden Bar and Inn - Original Buffalo Bill Bar in Sheridan Inn
Mary in Ladies Lounge at Sheridan Inn
Bye Bye Sheriden
Cedar Creek Productions