Sheridan, Montana
Betty Staley Sponsor
August 8-11, 2009
Reata Brannaman and Dally
Nicole Karczewski, Production Manager and Julie Goldman, Producer
Nicole Karczewski, Production Manager
Johnny France and Cindy Meehl, Executive Director
Johnny France, Cindy Meehl and Jo-Anne Jackson
Buck Brannaman
Flagging the colts
Andy Day, Sound
YoYo Staley
Charles Debold filming colt class
Luke Geissbuhler, DP, filming from cherry picker
Charles Debold filming Billy Flynn
Cow Working
Betty Staley concentrating
Betty Staley
Betty Staley
Luke and Ezra finding a shot
Mary and the boys
Mary Wood working her horse
Shayne Jackson roping
Cow working
Go get 'em
Betsy Shirley holding court
Buck's gonna show us  Getting ready  Make 'em wait    Buck
Buck roping #1  Rope tricks  Mary Brannaman with Rudy and Dally
Cedar Creek Productions