Sheridan, Montana
Betty Staley Sponsor
August 8-11, 2009
Gary Myers, Shayne and Jo-Anne Jackson watching rope tricks
A captive audience
Buck Brannaman rope tricks
Jump Buck! Jump!
Rope tricks
Rope tricks
Rope tricks
Rope tricks
Rope tricks
Rope tricks
Billy Flynn telling jokes
Crew's work is never done
Gary, Shayne and Jo-Anne laughing with Chris Clements and Julie Goldman filming from behind
Sherrie Flynn, Moni and Steve Howard
Sharon Melniker and Betsy Shirley
Mary Brannaman, Betsy Shirley, and Sharon Melniker
Buck and Mary
Mary and Rudy asking Buck, "What did you say?"
Montana evening
Shayne Jackson
Shayne Jackson and colt
Carol Aure
Colt starting
Colt starting
Sherrie Flynn
Ezra Olsen, PA, taking five
Emily Knight taking pictures
r - e - a - c - h - i - n - g
Luke Geissbuhler, Nicole Karczewski, and Becky DiLallo troubleshooting cherry picker
Cedar Creek Productions