Sheridan, Montana
Emily Knight photos |- Betty Staley Clinic August 8-11, 2009
Sherrie Flynn Little cows Cindy Meehl and Mary Brannaman
Becky DiLallo, Field Coordinator  Buck Brannaman
Cindy Meehl interviewing Buck Brannaman and Betsy Shirley
Betsy Shirley and Buck Brannaman    Betsy Shirley and Buck Brannaman
Becky DiLallo, Field Coordinator  
Emily Knight checking out video camera
Julie Goldman, Producer
Sound crew
Cindy Meehl, Executive Producer / Director   Gwen Maynard and Betsy Shirley  Gwen and Betsy
Shayne Jackson's interview with Andy Day, Luke Geissbuhler, and Cindy Meehl
Reata Brannaman, Betsy Shirley, and Nevada Watts
Betsy telling a story
Nevada Watt's braid
Duke Bedbury with Doc
Luke Geissbuhler, DP
Duke Bedbury
Cindy Meehl, Andrea Eastman, and Keaton A Buck Brannaman fan
Cows Carol Aure Carol, Bill, Paige and their dogs
Bill and Paige share a laugh
Craig Staley Mary Wood and Tres
Cindy Meehl, Executive Producer, Director
Lance Froelich
Buck Brannaman
Cedar Creek Productions