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See interview of Buck Brannaman and director, Cindy Meehl.

The Salt Lake Tribune – Sundance Review

Horse trainer Buck Brannaman is an American original, and director Cindy Meehl captures Brannaman’s philosophy of gentle horse training by catching him at work on one of his many horse clinics. The movie delves into Brannaman’s childhood horrors, his bond with his horse-savvy daughter Reata, and how he consulted author Nicholas Evans and director Robert Redford for the book and movie of “The Horse Whisperer.”  Read complete Salt Lake Tribune Review

Sundance Selects Acquires Horse Whisperer Doc “Buck”

Sundance Selects has acquired North American rights to “Buck,” one of the most talked about documentaries at Sundance. Directed by Cindy Meehl, the film examines horse whisperer Buck Brannaman, a “living legend in the horse world.”

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HD Video Pro – Reviews BUCK

Sundance 2011 – Buck

Posted By Neil Matsumoto

Horse trainer Buck Brannaman in Buck (photo by Emily Knight)

The first film I’ve seen at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is Buck, a documentary in U.S. Competition directed by Cindy Meehl. Real-life cowboy Buck Brannaman is considered a living legend in the horse world and was the real-life inspiration for The Horse Whisperer, which was directed by Sundance founder Robert Redford, who is also interviewed in the film.  Read more…

Los Angeles Times – “Buck Has Everyman Potential”

‘BUCK’ a documentary with plainspoken power

Reporting from Park City, Utah —

Sometimes a film comes along that answers a question that you didn’t realize you had. At the Sundance Film Festival this year, that movie is “Buck,” an exceptional slice of Americana about the charismatic real-life horse whisperer, an earthy, soft-spoken philosopher who can tame troubled souls, be they man or beast. Read Los Angeles Times article… – “BUCK Quiet but Solid”

Buck is a well-intentioned, albeit somewhat broad, documentary about a real life “horse whisperer.” It should be noted that Buck Brannaman doesn’t whisper so much as he goes about his business in a quiet, sincere manner. The fact that he helped Robert Redford on the set of Horse Whisperer is just icing on the cake, bonus bona fides, merely reaffirming what our eyes and ears already tell us about Buck’s level of expertise.

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Buck: Sundance Review – The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter
6:54 PM PST 1/22/2011 by John DeFore

PARK CITY — A quietly captivating portrait of an unlikely character, “Buck” is as modest as its subject and wins viewers over just as easily. Holding strong appeal in the nonfiction arena, the pic could be a hit for distribs who manage to book it into Middle-American markets where few docs fear to tread.

Buck Brannaman, who inspired The Horse Whisperer, proves as impressively gifted in reality as any fictionalized version could be — and even, though his not-quite-handsome face would never compete with Robert Redford’s, possessed of an undeniable magnetism. A quiet man who almost seems to mind-meld with horses, he makes no secret of the belief that his training helps both horse and owner. Read complete article >

In The Can: Buck

New York Times – Warm Reception for BUCK

For Women, Sundance is Sunnier Than Hollywood

PARK CITY, Utah — Somewhere in the 600 or so miles between this mountain town, host to the Sundance Film Festival, and the movie factories of Hollywood, female filmmakers seem to vanish.

Of the top 100 movies at the 2010 box office, three were made by women: “The Last Song” (No. 51), “Nanny McPhee Returns” (96) and “Ramona and Beezus”(100.) Meanwhile, 27 of the 117 features playing at this year’s festival have female directors.

The Oscar-nominated actress Vera Farmiga is here with her high-profile directing debut, a haunting portrait of self-discovery called “Higher Ground.” The newcomer Cindy Meehl has one of the festival’s most talked-about documentaries in “Buck,” about bonds between people and horses.  Read NY Times article…


Sundance Trailer and Poster

With so many movies going into Sundance without distribution, many of them docs, getting them seen by the right people is tough. Cindy Meehl’s Buck has the advantage of being the behind-the-scenes true story of the man behind Nick Evan’s novel and the film made from it by Sundance’s own Robert Redford, the producer-director-star of The Horse Whisperer (1998). Our exclusive first look at the poster and trailer is below.