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June 27, 2011
John P. Meyer

If you’ve seen Buck, you know that the subject of Cindy Meehl’s extraordinary documentary — Buck Brannaman — comes across as a naturally charismatic individual. His warmth and ready humor make him seem like the kind of person you’d want as a friend. His coolness under pressure conveys the sense that you could count on him to back your play. In Louis L’Amour terms, he’d be one to ride the river with. Read complete article >


Buck discusses BUCK on David Letterman

Horse Whisperer Buck Brannaman Talks About Being the Subject of a Sundance Award-winning Doc

Veteran Interviewer and Pop Culture Chronicler
Posted: 06/19/11 03:10 PM ET

Legendary horse whisperer Dan M. “Buck” Brannaman considers himself lucky despite the hard life he endured as a kid. He found a calling that some might call mumbo jumbo, but to a vast number of horse owners, trainers and grooms, he expresses an uncanny skill at natural horsemanship. Read complete interview

The Real “Horse Whisperer”

Buck Brannaman as himself in "Buck," directed by Cindy Meehl. Photo by Ezra D. Olsen. A Sundance Selects Release.

National Geographic
Posted by Andrew Howley
June 16, 2011

For years, National Geographic has helped people discover the deeper meanings behind human relationships with animals through “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” on the National Geographic Channel.

The name of “Dog Whisperer” itself though is a tribute to the famous book and film “The Horse Whisperer,” based on the work of several people who have dumbfounded horse owners and crowds with their ability to quietly and peacefully communicate with “trouble” horses who had seemed unapproachably violent to others. Read complete story >

Interview: Cindy Meehl Talks Buck


Robert Redford’s ‘The Horse Whisperer’ may be the stuff of pat Hollywood drama, but Buck Brannaman, the quietly charismatic horseman who helped inspire both the 1998 film and the novel upon which it was based, is actually quite real. Cindy Meehl’s stirring ‘Buck’, then, is a soulful and delicately illuminating documentary portrait of the soft-spoken man — and a movie that also makes a persuasive and heartrending case for the ability of human healing. The Audience Award winner at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the film is a must-see for horse aficionados, of course, but just as accessible and interesting for those who’ve never sat astride one of the creatures. We had a chance to speak with Meehl one-on-one recently, … read complete interview >

Seeing things the horse’s way

By Kenneth Turan,
Los Angeles Times Film Critic

The calm, centered Buck Brannaman works wonders with troubled horses. Now, the cowboy who inspired ‘The Horse Whisperer’ is the focus of his own film, ‘Buck.

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Dark Horse: Interview with Cindy Meehl and Buck Brannaman
KJ Doughton – interview

There’s absolutely no way on God’s green-pastured, stallion-roaming earth you could POSSIBLY convince me that “Buck” would bring me to tears. I can’t stand horses. The thought of enduring 88 minutes with a boot ‘n bolo-wearing cowboy seemed like one big cinematic saddle sore. Before entering the theater, I was already smelling cow-pies and swatting flies.

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Buck Brannaman: A Cowboy Called “The Horse Whisperer

June Issue
by Jane E. B. Simmons –article

“A lot of my work is not helping people with their horse problems but helping horses with their people problems,” Buck Brannaman says of his life’s work. Called a horse whisperer by others, the Montana native calls himself a cowboy.

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A Talk With Buck Brannaman

Cowboys & Indians, The Premier Magazine of the West



f you saw the Robert Redford movie The Horse Whisperer, then you already know Buck Brannaman, the real-life Wyoming horseman who the movie and the book by Nicholas Evans were based on. But that’s just part of the Brannaman story. Buck, a visually striking documentary on Brannaman, premiered last winter at Redford’s 2011 Sundance Film Festival, winning the Audience Award for best documentary, and has received rave reviews from esteemed film critics. He contributed to On Horses’ Wings, the fundraising music CD for the Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. And he wrote Ranch Roping: The Complete Guide to a Classic Cowboy Skill (2009). Through it all, he’s been plying his trainer trade spreading the gospel of natural horsemanship.

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You Can Also Lead a Horse to Nirvana

New York Times

Published: June 8, 2011

LAST Sunday evening Buck Brannaman strolled the High Line, two stories above the streets of Manhattan and hundreds of miles from his native habitat, the ranch country where he runs clinics in enlightened horsemanship. The documentary “Buck,” which won a Sundance audience award this year and will open on Friday in New York and Los Angeles, details his shamanlike skills around horses and the people who ride them.

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