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Buck the man interviewed at his ranch by Bill Weir on ABC Nightline.

Wall Street Journal – BUCK makes top 10

by Joe Morgenstern
December 23, 2011

“Buck”: Few of us city dwellers ever get to meet the sort of American portrayed in Cindy Meehl’s documentary—a middle-age cowboy who gives horse-training clinics. Even in his own territory, though, Buck Brannaman is one of a kind, a man who has learned to give horses the love he lacked as a child. Read complete article and watch scene from film >

Exclusive interview with Cindy Meehl: “BUCK”

Exclusive interview with Cindy Meehl: “BUCK” – a film about horses and so much more. Tonight At The Movies on YouTube


Live @ Sundance

BUCK winning the Acura U.S. Documentary Audience Awards at Sundance 2011

BUCK is at/around 49:00 minutes

Businessweek – Do Lectures with Speaker Cindy Meehl

Filmaker Cindy Meehl kicks off the first DO Lectures USA with her documentary ‘Buck’. Cindy was the first speaker to be heard by 6 Bloomberg scholarship winners at the first ever Do Lectures USA.

Lost in Reviews Interview

Pegasus News Buck video interview

June 27, 2011
John P. Meyer

If you’ve seen Buck, you know that the subject of Cindy Meehl’s extraordinary documentary — Buck Brannaman — comes across as a naturally charismatic individual. His warmth and ready humor make him seem like the kind of person you’d want as a friend. His coolness under pressure conveys the sense that you could count on him to back your play. In Louis L’Amour terms, he’d be one to ride the river with. Read complete article >


Buck discusses BUCK on David Letterman

Inside Buck’s Story

SheKnows Entertainment / Joel D. Amos

For anyone who has adored horses, even from afar, Buck has landed to enlighten your summer. Buck is a real-life horse whisperer and his magic with the gentle giants is only matched by the majesty of his story as captured in the film Buck and we have an exclusive clip!

Read complete article and view clip

‘Buck’ Film Clip: Buck Brannaman, Horse Whisperer

In 1998, Robert Redford directed and starred in “The Horse Whisperer,” a film, based on a 1995 novel of the same name, about a group of men who could communicate with horses and help solve their owners’ issues, both equine and personal. Read more  & view film clip >