Buck Review on CBS Sunday Morning News May 15, 2011

Buck the film reviewed on CBS Morning News. With the help of Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan, Bill Whitaker looks at what’s in store.

Watch the Trailer for Buck, About a Real-Life Horse Whisperer

By Kyle Buchanan

The movie won the Documentary Audience Award at Sundance.


Director Cindy Meehl, her on her film, BUCK
May 5, 2011

IFC.com – Roped in by Buck

Horsing Around With “Buck”

A real-life horse whisper brings some zen energy to the Crossroads House.
Buck Brannaman is one cool dude. And I do mean a dude: an authentic cowboy and horse whisperer. The horse whisperer, really; he served as an inspiration for Nicholas Evans’ novel and later became a technical advisor and stunt double on Robert Redford’s cinematic adaptation. The man is so good with horses it looks like he’s communicating with them telepathically. Read more and see video

In The Can: Buck


Sundance Trailer and Poster

With so many movies going into Sundance without distribution, many of them docs, getting them seen by the right people is tough. Cindy Meehl’s Buck has the advantage of being the behind-the-scenes true story of the man behind Nick Evan’s novel and the film made from it by Sundance’s own Robert Redford, the producer-director-star of The Horse Whisperer (1998). Our exclusive first look at the poster and trailer is below.