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#7. The Great Docu-Biopic

2011 Year in Review by Landon Palmer
December 28, 2011

Documentaries have often proven to be a useful means of exploring the life of an important individual. The non-fiction biopic can give us a closer connection to the real person (living or dead) than any famous actor caked in makeup and accompanied with an imitating voice (for example, see Eastwood’s J. Edgar – or better yet, don’t). But 2011 gave a smorgasbord of great documentaries that dove into the lives of fascinating individuals who might not have otherwise made the history books.

Cindy Meehl’s Buck captured the incredible story of a horse-training professional who spoke to horses after humans failed him at an early age. Richard Press’s Bill Cunningham: New York examined the annals of the city’s fashion history as it’s been lensed by a charming and enigmatic elderly man for decades, and in the process slyly says more about the newspaper industry than Page One and more about fashion than The September Issue.


Bloomberg – BUCK in Top 10 for 2011

Top 2011 Films Star Clooney’s Baron, Gosling’s Getaway Driver

By Rick Warner – Dec 28, 2011 12:01 AM ET

They’re all leading characters in my favorite films of 2011.

“Buck”: A touching documentary about Buck Brannaman, the inspiration for Robert Redford’s equine trainer in “The Horse Whisperer.” Brannaman overcame a Dickensian childhood to become a world-famous horse handler known for his uncanny ability to communicate with the animals.

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Cincinnati CityBeat on BUCK

Is This Real Life?
As usual, compelling documentary films abounded in 2011
By Steven Rosen | December 28, 2011


Buck Brannaman, a modern-day cowboy who travels the country holding horse-training clinics and who was the model for The Horse Whisperer, proves a rewarding subject for filmmaker Cindy Meehl. His folksy wisdom and gentle manner with horses hide tough memories of childhood abuse. The film also is a paean to America’s wide-open spaces.

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Movies: Ten of the best

City Pulse | Lansing MI
James Sanford
December 28, 2011

8. “Buck” — This has been a terrific year for documentaries, and director Cindy Meehl’s look at real-life “horse whisperer” Buck Brannaman is one of the very finest.

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Wall Street Journal – BUCK makes top 10

by Joe Morgenstern
December 23, 2011

“Buck”: Few of us city dwellers ever get to meet the sort of American portrayed in Cindy Meehl’s documentary—a middle-age cowboy who gives horse-training clinics. Even in his own territory, though, Buck Brannaman is one of a kind, a man who has learned to give horses the love he lacked as a child. Read complete article and watch scene from film >

BUCK wins True West Magazine awards

BUCK wins both categories for Best Western Documentary!

Readers Choice Award

Editors Choice

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NBR names BUCK 1 of Top 5

BUCK named 1 of 5 TOP DOCUMENTARIES for 2011 by the National Board of Review.


2012 Cinema Eye Honors nominee

BUCK is nominated for Audience Choice award by Cinema Eye Honors.

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Live @ Sundance

BUCK winning the Acura U.S. Documentary Audience Awards at Sundance 2011

BUCK is at/around 49:00 minutes

BUCK wins BEST DOCUMENTARY in Bergen, Norway!

Straight from Pam’s Iphone!
Cindy accepting award!