Live @ Sundance

BUCK winning the Acura U.S. Documentary Audience Awards at Sundance 2011

BUCK is at/around 49:00 minutes

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  1. I will be buying this movie/doc. I have on-demanded it at least 20 times, and every time i watch it i get something else valuable out of it.
    It amazes me that he can get on a three year old colt that has never been saddled or haltered or bridled, and ride with just a lead rope, or nothing at all but a saddle. Humanitarian of the year, forever.
    love “Bob” Redford in it too. great family viewing, lots of life lessons. excellent, 10 stars

    • watch on demand right now on showtime hd until feb2 don’t miss this one.

    • Thanks for the review Louisa! We love the 10 stars!! We think you’ll be happy with your purchase – we added several cut scenes that are only available on the DVD. Let us know!