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February 18, 2012

Rein and shine


An abusive childhood is behind one man’s crusade for kindness, writes PAUL BYRNES.

Buck Brannaman is the cowboy who inspired The Horse Whisperer, the best-selling novel by English writer Nicholas Evans. Robert Redford based some of his performance as Tom Booker in the movie on his observation of Brannaman’s style, although Redford’s reaction on meeting him was that the guy was a fake. ”He looks like he’s got a costume on,” Redford said.

The real horse whisperer

Canberra Times

A new documentary tells the transformative story of a man who helps horses with people problems, Philip O’Brien writes

‘Often instead of helping people with horse problems, I’m helping horses with people problems.” Dan ”Buck” Brannaman is a 50-year-old American horse trainer from Sheridan, Wyoming. He spends nine months of the year on the road, conducting clinics which teach people to communicate with their horses through empathy rather than intimidation. He was one of several people who inspired the book and film The Horse Whisperer.

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