Star of Buck Speaks Out About What You Didn’t See in the Film

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Zorianna Kit, 7/14/2011

Everyone from teenagers to adults to senior citizens have been touched by the story of Buck Brannaman in the documentary feature Buck. And it’s not just because of his incredible way with horses, which made him the inspiration for the book and the film, The Horse Whisperer. What makes Buck so inspiring is that despite the horrific abuse Buck suffered at the hands of his father when he was a child, he did not go the textbook route of continuing that cycle. Rather, with the help of his foster family, Buck grew up to not only help horses, but to help their human counterparts in the process. Complete article >

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  1. Jane Li fox says

    I am an author and I reside in Kirkland Wa. My 4th book ,Feng Shui for Horses contains a lot of content that is shown in the movie “Buck”. I too, had an extremely abusive childhood and I love that the message is getting out that we can always change the story. My latest book, “when God Wears Fur focuses on the transformational power of Love without conditions or agendas. Bucks foster parents were, in my opinion just what Buck needed to transform all that hurt into something wonderful that is in turn affecting our entire world, Change has to occur within us in order change the world. We cannot use force to change things and I think history has proven that. The mirrors will continue show up until we become willing to look, Bravo for Buck! Jane Li Fox

  2. Maureen Morris says

    Everyone should see this for how we all can grow as people. Please let me know when the DVD is available. I cry every time I see the Trailer. I wish it was in more theaters in my area.
    Thank You Buck for the sharing so powerfully with us. Much Love Maureen