Hollywood Reporter – ‘BUCK’ Gallops With Empathy

PARK CITY — (U.S. Documentary Competition) A quietly captivating portrait of an unlikely character,

“Buck” is as modest as its subject and wins viewers over just as easily. Holding strong appeal in the nonfiction arena, the pic could be a hit for distribs who manage to book it into Middle-American markets where few docs fear to tread.

Buck Brannaman, who inspired The Horse Whisperer, proves as impressively gifted in reality as any fictionalized version could be — and even, though his not-quite-handsome face would never compete with Robert Redford‘s, possessed of an undeniable magnetism. A quiet man who almost seems to mind-meld with horses, he makes no secret of the belief that his training helps both horse and owner.  Read complete Hollywood Reporter review…

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  1. I just saw Buck at SXSW! Absolutely amazing film. Most of the audience weren’t horse folks but loved it because is a movie about so much more… It received a Standing Ovation… Don’t miss this movie.
    Going to spread the word to all my LA friends as it debuts there in June.