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A living legend in the horse world, Buck Brannaman was the inspiration for The Horse Whisperer. For this true cowboy, horses are a mirror of the human soul.    See video and read more…

Cowboys & Indian’s review of video

Watch Templeton Thompson’s Video For ‘When I Get That Pony Rode’
Mar 1, 2013 – 11:00 AM


When you get to know Templeton Thompson, it’s easy to understand why director Cindy Meehl and so many Nashville heavyweights lined up to help on her new video, “When I Get That Pony Rode,” which took no time racing to No. 1 on and generating some serious downloads on iTunes after its release in February. The gal can really sing. The song has heart and soul — and hooks.  Read more >


7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman

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Trafalgar Square Books, our distributor, is now accepting pre-orders of 7 CLINICS with BUCK BRANNAMAN.

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The 7 CLINICS with BUCK BRANNAMAN project features over 10 hours of incredible, never-before-seen footage from the making of the award-winning feature film documentary BUCK — the stunningly portrayed story of one man’s quest to help horses with “ people problems” lauded by critics and audiences alike. 7 CLINICS allows riders, trainers, and horse lovers everywhere to travel with Buck from coast to coast while learning his techniques and absorbing countless words of wisdom along the way.

This project came about when we saw how much footage was left on the “cutting room floor”, and we realized we could bring Buck’s message to a larger audience — with the intent of benefiting the horses!

This series, featuring over 10 hours of instructional footage from the making of the feature film BUCK, will be packaged in three sets and sold individually or as a complete set.


From DISC 3. It is Buck’s Introduction piece where he talks about the Release technique.
From DISC 5. “Getting to the Feet”
Director Cindy Meehl talks about 7 CLINICS and why she made the series.

Set One: Groundwork

Author: Cindy Meehl and Cedar Creek Productions, LLCFormat: DVDs, run time 152 mins.

ISBN: 978 1 57076 587 2

(2 discs) $49.95

  Set Two: Lessons on Horseback

Author: Cindy Meehl and Cedar Creek Productions, LLCFormat: 2 DVDs, total run time 195 mins.

ISBN: 978 1 57076 588 9

(2 discs) $49.95

Set Three: Lessons on Horseback, Problem-Solving, Words of Wisdom

Author: Cindy Meehl and Cedar Creek Productions, LLCFormat: 3 DVDs, 254 minutes

ISBN: 978 1 57076 589 6

(3 discs) $59.95

  7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman, The Complete Series: Discs 1–7Author: Cindy Meehl and Cedar Creek Productions, LLCFormat: 7 DVDs, total run time 10 hoursComplete Series: 7 discs $145.00

UK Reviews

Cine Vue
4 stars, Alexandra Hayward
Buck Brannaman appears to be your average modern-day cowboy; yet in the equestrian world and beyond, he is nothing short of a superstar. In the inspirational and emotionally-charged documentary Buck (2011), the first feature release from Cindy Meehl, we meet an enigmatic man who possesses an extraordinary gift to communicate and heal troubled or misbehaving horses across the United States.
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London Evening Standard
3 Stars, Derek Malcolm
There’s a whole class of people dedicated to helping owners with their animals. Buck Brannaman, does it the other way round, helping animals with their owners. He is a cowboy, teacher and part-time philosopher, the real-life horse whisperer, and Cindy Meehl’s documentary, supported by Robert Redford, the cinematic horse whisperer, shows how he does it.
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The Guardian
4 Stars, Catherine Shoard
Saddle up for for a one-way ticket to inspirationville: this Sundance-wowing documentary gives an insight into the real-life horse whisperer, child abuse backstory and all. Buck Brannaman is the sort of copper-bottomed authentic that makes you wonder how we ever swallowed Robert Redford’s blow-dried impression. Half nag, half guru, he burrs wise words about wrangling men and beasts, one’s primal nature and one’s animal altruism. Yet he’s also acid enough to balance out the slight tang of treacle in Meehl’s treatment. There’s a whole heap of Americana to wallow in here, but it’s testimony to the director and subject that Buck still trots along at such a lick. Complete article >
Ostensibly a documentary about a real-life horse whisperer, this film actually has more to say about how people treat each other than how they interact with horses. It’s a strikingly well-made film that entertains us while packing a quiet emotional kick.


Cindy Meehl on BUCK at Film Forward, Imperial Valley, CA

BUCK Goes to the Imperial Valley and Mexicali

Posted by Cindy Meehl, director, BUCK on May 09, 2012 at 05:05 pm.

Cindy Meehl speaks to students at Clexico High School. Photo by Jennifer Prediger.

The Imperial Valley in California is a unique border location that I had never heard of before I went with FILM FORWARD and my film BUCK. It was an experience I will never forget. I had been told to prepare for HOT weather, but upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised to find a dry warm breeze that felt wonderful after leaving the damp chill of Connecticut. The Imperial Valley has a desert climate that can get cool and breezy in the evenings, but climb to over 100° during the day! Read complete article >

Sundance Institute Announces Film Forward

April 19, 2012 Press Release

Dialogue, a program that promotes cultural dialogue through independent documentary and narrative film, will travel to Imperial Valley and Mexicali from April 30 through May 4. The Imperial County Film Commission and Mexicali Rose Media/Arts Center will present the FILM FORWARD program, which includes 10 films, filmmaker appearances and workshops, at multiple cities in the Imperial Valley including Calexico, Brawley, El Centro and Ocotillo in the U.S. and Mexicali in Mexico. All FILM FORWARD screenings are free of charge and open to the public.

Filmmakers Rachel Perkins (Bran Nue Dae) and Cindy Meehl (Buck) will be in attendance to participate in Q&As, discussions, workshops and meet-and-greet events with local communities at multiple destinations throughout Imperial Valley and in Mexicali. Sundance Institute’s Meredith Lavitt, Associate Director, FILM FORWARD; and Jacqueline Carlson, Manager, FILM FORWARD will also be in attendance.

Read complete press release >


The horse whisperer: ‘My dad taught me to understand fear’

The Telegraph, UK
By Christopher Middleton
7:15AM BST 17 Apr 2012

From the top of his stetson to the tip of his dusty boots, Buck Brannaman looks every inch the Wild West hero. As he lopes through the lobby of a trendy London hotel, you can’t help wondering what he’s doing in here, rather than riding a palomino across the plains. Complete article >

National Ability Center features Buck & BUCK

BUCK BRANNAMAN Demo & Reception May 15, 2012
A benefit for the National Ability Center

The National Ability Center is honored to host Buck Brannaman, leading horse trainer and the inspiration for the film and book, “The Horse Whisperer”, and star of movie “Buck”, a 2011 Sundance Film Festival US Documentary Audience Award.

Start the week off with a FREE screening of “BUCK” the film, presented by Sundance Institute on Monday, May 14th. Then join us for the main event, Demo & Reception on May 15th, with the man himself, BUCK BRANNAMAN!
Tickets go on sale April 18.

Visit web site for more details

“Your horse is a mirror to your soul, and sometimes you may not like what you see. Sometimes, you will.”

Buck Brannaman

A true American cowboy and hero, Buck travels the country year round helping horses with people problems. Buck has a phenomenally successful approach to horses. He teaches pepole to communicate with their horses through respect and sensitivity, not punishment.


BUCK wins 2012 Spur Award

ENCAMPMENT, Wyo., March 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Santa Fe, N.M., author Johnny D. Boggs won Spur Awards for two novels, while Rod Miller of Sandy, Utah, also won two Spurs this year for poetry and a short story, Western Writers of America has announced.

Director Cindy Meehl and producer Julie Goldman (Cedar Creek Productions) will receive the Spur in the Documentary Script category for BUCK, a film about legendary horseman Buck Brannaman.

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