Cindy Meehl and Buck Brannaman interview

03/17/2011 | SundanceNow

The CultureMap Interview with Buck

The real-life Horse Whisperer ties horse problems to people problems in Buck

by Joe Leydon
July 6, 2011

If you’re in the know about horses, chances are good you already know a lot about Buck Brannaman, the celebrated trainer and equine expert famed for spreading the gospel of “natural horsemanship” — the process of communicating with horses through empathy and instinct, not threats and punishment — at the four-day clinics that occupy three-quarters of his time every year.

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Lost in Reviews Interview

Pegasus News Buck video interview

June 27, 2011
John P. Meyer

If you’ve seen Buck, you know that the subject of Cindy Meehl’s extraordinary documentary — Buck Brannaman — comes across as a naturally charismatic individual. His warmth and ready humor make him seem like the kind of person you’d want as a friend. His coolness under pressure conveys the sense that you could count on him to back your play. In Louis L’Amour terms, he’d be one to ride the river with. Read complete article >


Buck Brannaman, The Horse Whisperer

By Jesse Kornbluth,
Published: Jun 22, 2011

Buck Brannaman specializes in the improbable. Got a skittish, poorly trained horse? A bucking bronco? A steed who seems not to care about anything?

Bring that uncooperative beast to one of Buck’s clinics. Very quickly — often in a matter of minutes — he gets your horse ready to ride. No whips are involved, no threats are made. Buck’s methods call for a little stroking with a flag, a steady gaze, a gentle tone. Read complete post >

Buck: Movie Review

The Christian Science Monitor
Peter Ranier, Film Critic, June 17, 2011

Near the beginning of the fascinating new documentary “Buck,” Buck Brannaman, who runs horse-training clinics around the country, says, “A lot of times, rather than helping people with horse problems, I’m helping horses with people problems.”

Brannaman is the subject of first-time filmmaker Cindy Meehl’s graceful look at the man who was the inspiration for Robert Redford’s role in “The Horse Whisperer.” Nicholas Evans, who wrote the novel upon which that film is based, calls Brannaman the zen master of the horse world.”

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