Buck Brannaman, The Horse Whisperer

By Jesse Kornbluth, Headbutler.com
Published: Jun 22, 2011

Buck Brannaman specializes in the improbable. Got a skittish, poorly trained horse? A bucking bronco? A steed who seems not to care about anything?

Bring that uncooperative beast to one of Buck’s clinics. Very quickly — often in a matter of minutes — he gets your horse ready to ride. No whips are involved, no threats are made. Buck’s methods call for a little stroking with a flag, a steady gaze, a gentle tone. Read complete post >
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  1. I am an abuse survivor and I so Identify with Buck. Animals are by far the biggest give GOD has given us. If we could all just pay attention to the subtle nature that surrounds us we can gain so much in sight on how to intuitively deal with life as it presents it self . There is where true healing and understanding comes from…self reflecting, honesty, compassion and awareness. God Bless Ya Buck, you touched the heart of a kindred spirit. I saw myself in the horse that had to be put down in the movie and most important I see myself in you.

    Thank you Buck!

    Warmest of regards, Suzanne Newman